Sunday, October 31, 2010

Yesterday, I...

Went to a Polymer Clay workshop with one of my oldest friends and it was so much fun! Our instructor has been working with polymer clay since 2002, Angeli was very patient with us newbies and she was determined to make us finish as many designs as possible (we were taking too long conditioning the clay, hehe). We learned how to make roses, name tags and hearts. My favorites were the cupcakes and the cake with the bite in it!
I also love the gold paint and writing on the heart, its looks dreamy. Here are the other designs my classmates and I managed to bake :)
Here's our class picture: (after the workshop, at Cubao X)

So exciting! Cant wait to start working on clay!!! :D

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dramatic fashion

I fell in love with this designer after I was shown the photos from the making of a video they were going to use at his fashion show. The designer's name is Furne One, he's Filipino but based in Dubai and was even handpicked by Heidi Klum to design gowns for the TV show Germany's Next Top Model. Look at the detail!

I don't understand this next one but it still looks interesting! And the model's eyes are beautiful :)
Can you imagine how hard and how long it must have taken to finish all those intricate designs on the clothes? Wow.